About Bitcoin:
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that appeared in 2009 as an alternative to other currencies such as the dollar, euro, yen, and that is used to acquire goods and services, both real and virtual. One of the main and most controversial characteristics of bitcoins, is that being a virtual currency there is no authority or bank that regulates it so its operations become anonymous. Bitcoins have the advantage of being difficult to counterfeit, however, they are exposed to cyber attacks that have generated millions in losses.
Another of the main risks that this currency has is its volatility, since it can be appreciated and depreciated in a matter of hours.
Just this Tuesday bitcoin had a fall of up to 13% and was quoted at less than six thousand dollars per coin, a decline that has led to the cryptocurrency to lose more than half of its value since the beginning of 2018. The character of Bitcoin is highly speculative, deregulated, so it escapes any control outside the Bitcoin system itself, with its future in question (December 2017). Some economists attribute a zero value to him, with signs of having surpassed the thresholds that would take it to the collapse, although generally these opinions do not correspond to experts in the technology. However, if the approach of these economists was correct, as it was not backed by any tangible good, government, financial or economic entity, and if the technology could not support it, its owners would be defenseless in the face of falling prices.


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